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Design Studio Machinery Facilities Testing Facilities Product Process Optimization The Plant Facilities
Automotive Dials Graphics Automotive Labels Appliances Labels Metal Labels Membranes Overlays PU Domes
We create and innovate products and processes.
We are Known for High performance, Reliability, and Client satisfaction
We live for Health, Happiness and Prosperity

our products

  • Automotive Labels
  • PU Domes
  • graphics
  • Appliances Labels
  • Membranes Overlays
  • Automotive Dials
  • Metal Labels


  • Design Studio
    Ours is a state-of-art Design Studio
  • Machinery Facilities
    Craftsmen has the latest machinery facilities.
  • Testing
    Products go through Rigorous Testing Procedures
  • Product Process Optimization
    A dedicated extensive R&D unit
  • The Plant Facilities
    Over 25000 sq feet of covered area
our clients
About US
Craftsmen is in the business of creating, inventing, designing, producing and delivering Printed Solutions in Labeling, Decorating and Branding. Craftsmen has the most comprehensive range of Labelling products catering to numerous industries.
We are an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified company. Craftsmen started as a modest and comprehensive manufacturer of Labeling products catering to the demand of Electronics Appliances, Automobile and many other Industries.