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Corporate Mission
To create and innovate products and processes.
Be and Be Known for:
                High performance,
                                Reliability, and
                                            Client satisfaction.
We live for Health, Happiness and Prosperity.
Corporate Vision
As a result of having fulfilled our Corporate Mission:
Our People Are:
High Performance Professionals and Leaders.
Skilled, Confident and Persons of Integrity.
Secure, Satisfied and Self-expressed, each person respects each other's concerns and
provides partnership in meeting everyday challenges.
Our Culture Is:
Our culture is of Cooperation, Transparency and High Energy.
Determined to achieve our targets on day to day basis, we are always ready to meet
any challenges.
People enjoy working in Craftsmen.
There is abundance of Competent, High Performance people who want to join
Craftsmen Enterprises.
Our Customers:
Creativity, Innovativeness, High Quality, Transparency , and our ability to Learn New
things leave our customers satisfied and happy.
Our customers are eager to give us expanded business opportunities and recommend
us; as a result, there is a large new demand for our Products and Services.
Our Market Place:
Our Marketplace has expanded beyond the Indian Subcontinent. We serve large and
wealthy businesses.
Our clients are trustworthy, consistent and have a reputation for ethical business
practices and trust us for complete and innovative solutions.
People in our Marketplace regard us as their partners.
There is a high demand for Craftsmen's Products and Services.
Craftsmen stand out for their high quality products and services.
The Enterprise:
As an Enterprise we are now built to hold and deliver on our Vision for Our People,
Our Culture, Our Customers and Our Marketplace.
We Declare that we are a People and an Organization of Integrity.
We Stand for Authenticity in all of our practices, policies and Communications.
We are Committed to longingly honor our vision for Our People, Our
Culture, Our Customers and Our Marketplace.
This Is Who We Are.
This Is What You Can Count On.

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