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Craftsmen has 25000 sq. ft. of covered area at its two plants in Kundli, Haryana, and Dehradun, Uttarakhand. We have built a robust and modern infrastructure with extensive use of IT in planning, manufacturing and delivery. Our human resources, processes and technologies are managed with ERP system giving a boost to the throughput. 

Our infrastructure allows us the flexibility and capacity to take on small jobs as well as jobs running to multi-million pieces.

Design Studio

The Design Studio is the centre of endless possibilities to create finishes and trims that are elegant, powerful and crafted. The Design Studio, well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology including software, programs, tools and equipment, enables intuitive ways to research on new finishes and designs. Our Design Team is passionate about design languages and trends, and has an experience of over 30 years in commercial design.

A designated Product Development Team with design, R&D and marketing background, complements the design process. The team works in sync with the clients to develop ideas and products closest to their vision. Prototypes and samples are produced in unison with the clients to create concepts that are integrated into labels, badges and emblems.

Machinery Facilities

At Craftsmen, we boast of top-of-the-line assembly of machines at our plants in Kundli, Haryana, and Dehradun, Uttrakhand. In order to deliver the very best in identity and labeling solutions to our clients, our investment in infrastructure and machinery is always aimed at pursuing excellence and meeting international standards.

• Printing Machines
• Cutting Machines
• Computerised Cutting
• Lamination Machines
• Coating Machines
• Metal Treatment Machines
• Fully Automatic PU Doming Machines
• Testing laboratory with over fifty different facilities of testing
• Screen Exposing & Stretching Machines
• Embossing Machines
• UV Curing, IR Curing, Hot Air Curing & numerous other processes

Testing Facilities

We adhere strictly to our quality control and management systems. We keep updating our quality control and testing processes in line with the best industry standards and technology. This gives us confidence, and assurance to our clients, of uncompromising quality and reliability.

The following are our testing facilities and equipment:
Other tests done at Craftsmen

• Heat Resistance Test
• Cold Resistance Test
• High Pressure Cleaner Testing
• Petrol Rubbing Test
• Gasoline Test
• Diesel Oil Resistance Test
• Engine Oil/Gear Oil Resistance Test (SAE 30/70)
• Acid Resistance Test
• Alkali Resistance Test
• Rubber Rubbing Test
• Boiling Water Resistance Test
• UV Intensity Meter
• Water Resistance Test
• Dimensional Measurement
• UV Life Test
• Density Measurement
• Temperature Measurement
• Light LUX Level Measurement
• Viscosity Measurement
• Shrinkage/Expansion Measurement
• Shore Hardness Test
• Natural Weathering Test
• Spectrometer

Testing facilities
• Colour Matching
• Cross Hatch Test
• Adhesion Test
• Heat Cycle Test and Heat Aging
• Cold Test
• Humidity Test
• Salt Spray Test
• Grossness Test
• Weathering Test for automobiles and others
• UV Weathering Resistance

Testing equipment
• Colour Matching Cabinet
• Cross Hatch Marker & 3M Scotch Tape
• Digital Force Gauge
• Hot Air Oven
• Cold Chamber
• Humidity Chamber
• Salt Spray Chamber
• Gloss Meter
• Weathrometer
• Suntest XLS + Sun Spray

Product Process Optimisation

Our focus remains on ensuring that our products and processes are as efficient and of as impeccable quality as they can be. Whether trying to develop new products, improve yield or implement a new process line, our priority remains to keep our company highly competitive.

In order to develop cost-effective, standards-based, international quality solutions for our clients, our product and process optimisation team focuses on

Exploration of potential areas of improvement
Improvement of processes
Operational reliability
Cost efficiency