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Metal Plates

Metal labels or metal plates are mostly used on vehicles and appliances that are meant for heavy usage such as tractors, earth movers, generators, etc. Metal labels are highly durable and withstand exposure to elements in harsh conditions. Craftsmen has a strong hold in this segment, consistently providing quality metal labels to many industries.

Automotive Dials

We have specialised technology that enables us to develop dials that combine premium aesthetics with top-notch functionality in terms of accurate calibration, backlighting, ease of use, etc.

PU Domes

We make PU domes or PU stickers for a range of industries; from appliances to automobiles, accessories, gadgets and more. PU labels are eye-catching, 3D tactile labels that are soft to touch. We use high-quality polyurethane that doesn’t fade or yellow with time. Our PU domes have high mechanical strength, and are even resistant to chemicals, solvents and humidity.

Automotive Decals

We have been helping our clients in adding a distinct character to their vehicles with our aesthetically designed automotive graphics. Our range is highly durable with industrial adhesives, colour and printing technology, and the right materials to withstand extreme weather conditions, while helping vehicles look eye-catching.

3D Emblems

Automotive labels are the most visible brand identity for the automobile industry. At Craftsmen, we specialise in automotive labels, and take great care to meet industry demand for robust and aesthetic labels that are able to resist extreme weather, chemical abuse and the test of time.

Appliance Labels

Craftsmen is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of labels to the appliance industry. We make use of the latest trends in material and technology innovations to provide the most advanced solutions. We have created technology to manufacture high-resistance appliance labels to withstand all conditions related to long-term usage.

Membranes and Overlays

Well-designed membranes and overlays add aesthetic value to the products in addition to instructions. At Craftsmen, we create these membranes using high-quality substrates, making them durable and resistant to extreme conditions like heat. Membranes thus enhance the lives and beauty of appliances and other products.