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Machinery Facilities

We have a varied range of machineries and testing facilities with which we can claim the integrity and reliability of our products. This is what makes us stand out of the crowd in this business. Following is a list of the machinery generally used in our product development:

  • Printing Machines
  • Cutting Machines [Metal & Sticker/Profile]
  • Computerized Cutting
  • Lamination Machines
  • Coating Machines(Both Metal & Non-Metal)
  • Metal Treatment Machines
  • PU-Doming (Fully Automated) Machines
  • Testing laboratory with over fifty different facilities of testing.(Separate Reference Below)
  • Screen Exposing & Stretching Machines
  • Embossing Machines
  • UV Curing & IR Curing, Hot Air Curing & other numerous processes.
  • Clean Rooms & Clean Room Conditions.
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