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Product Process Optimization

While top management is actively involved in process optimization and sourcing, there is also a committed team working in this domain with the management. Cost reduction is the order of the day, where one talks of existing products.

There is not much ado in using expensive raw materials where a Hi-end product can be offered at reasonable price, through active research, RM-Sourcing & optimization of process. We have more than 300 varying range of products to meet customer's requirement & needs. Specialized Ink Labs are functional at all our units which facilitate us in providing world class quality products to our customers.


There are ample evidences in existence in our units wherein costs have drastically come down owing to Active R & D, the benefits of which can never be overemphasized.

Teams are ongoingly taking challenging targets towards Process & Product optimization and these targets are supported by management & other teams as all are well aware of its benefits. Separate & specialized departments are working at very high professional levels in this area. Infact reasons for our growth & reason behind supply of labels at such reasonable prices is primarily this Active R & D.

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