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Testing Facilities

The products go through rigorous Testing procedures before being presented to our customers. We make sure our products are approved at the very first time. Following is a list of our testing facilities.

S. No Testing Equipment Testing Facilities
1 Color Matching Cabinet Color Matching
2 Cross Hatch Marker & 3 M Scotch Tape Cross Hatch Test
3 Digital Force Gauge Adhesion Test
4 Hot Air Oven Heat Cycle Test & Heat Aging
5 Cold Chamber Cold Test
6 Humidity Chamber Humidity Test
7 Salt Spray Chamber Salt Spray Test
8 Gloss Meter Grossness Test
9 Weathrometer Weathering Test for Automobiles & others
10 SUNTEST XLS+ SUNSPRAY UV Weathering Resistance
Some Other tests performed by us are as follows:
  • Heat Resistance Test
  • Cold Resistance Test
  • High Pressure Cleaner Testing
  • Petrol Rubbing Test
  • Gasoline Test
  • Diesel Oil Resistance Test
  • Engine Oil/Gear oil Resistance Test(SAE 30/70)
  • Acid Resistance Test
  • Alkali Resistance Test
  • Rubber Rubbing Test
  • Boiling Water Resistance Test
  • U.V Intensity Meter
  • Water Resistance Test
  • Dimensional Measurement
  • UV Life Test
  • Density Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Light LUX Level Measurement
  • Viscosity Measurement
  • Shrinkage/Expansion Measurement
  • Shore Hardness Test
  • Natural Weathering Test
  • Spectrometer
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